Printing Experts

Today we talked about how sometimes learning to print letters correctly helps us become better writers. We have worked hard on our printing books and we were all very proud of our work because we each tried our own personal best. The following list tells the letter your child needs to become an expert in. On your child’s day he or she will teach the class how to form their expert letter correctly. Please practise printing all of the letters with your child when situations involving printing come up. It would be helpful if you took extra time with the letter your child is an expert in so that he or she is confident when it is his or her turn to teach the class. In your child’s agenda is the letter your child is responsible for. He/she can keep this paper at home to practise their letter. Please note there is not a calendar for each day as we will be doing the letters as they come up in our booklets so please practise over the next few days so that all students are experts on their letters by Thursday September 17th. Thank you.






















Beginning and End of Day Routines

Dear Parents,
If your child is taking the bus please tell him or her to head right to the big back playground and look for the teachers in the vests. I will be out there between 8:15-8:20 to greet them.  There will be teachers on duty to usher kids toward the playground from the bus zone.
All children are dismissed at the bell (2:50 p.m.) to go home. The first few days I will be outside with the walkers to be sure they look for you. Please plan a meeting place for your child on the playground and remind them regularly that if you are late they are to look for the duty teacher and stand with him or her.  This teacher always has a duty vest on.  Don`t forget to please e-mail me and let me know how your child is getting home (either walker, daycare or bus #).
Thank you 🙂

After School Arrangements

Dear Families,
I hope you are all having a wonderful summer with your families.  
In the coming weeks the blog will be prepared for the coming school year. The blog is a very important tool in your child’s learning and visiting the blog regularly will be something you will want to add to your family’s back to school routine!
For September please do not spend a fortune buying a ton of school supplies! In our classroom we have community supplies as it supports the type of learning environment we will be creating. On the first day all your child needs is:
-a pair of indoor shoes (please don’t send laces if your child is not yet independently able to tie them)
-extra set of clothing in a ziploc bag to be stored in the locker
-reusable lunch bag, containers and drinking container and a placemat to eat on (small wash cloth works well)
-healthy peanut/tree-nut free food  (please check labels carefully)
-one package of Crayola Markers
-one package of Crayloa Crayons
-one package of Crayola Pencil Crayons
-one box of Kleenex
All the markers, crayons, and pencil crayons will be stored together and used as community supplies.  I may be asking for donations of a few other things throughout the year but will send specific emails as needed. 
Also, in order to be organized for the first day of school I am asking that each family please email me your child’s end of the day plan as soon as possible.  
In the past, the transportation department has mailed out information regarding bussing. The school office is not in charge of bussing so any questions or missing information has to go directly through the transportation department at the board.  The website is located here:
If your child is on the bus please email me the bus # that your child goes home on.  Please do not assume it is the same number as this past year.  If buses are assigned colours as they have been in previous years, I will pass that information on to you and your child when I am notified of it.
I also need to know if your child is a walker or if he/she is going to Umbrella Daycare.  If your child is a walker can you please let me know who will be doing the pick up on the playground?  If your child will usually be taking the bus, but you plan on picking him/her up the first day, please let me know as well.
Thank you for helping make the first day a SMOOTH one!
Miss Hogan

Grade One Teacher @ Winona