Graphing our Stuffed Animals

The grade one students are learning about taking surveys and graphing in math. On Wednesday December 2nd students are invited to bring in one of their stuffed animals. We will then graph these animals according to the sorting rules the students create. Please remind your child to bring their animal to school on Wednesday. Thank you.

Graphing our Socks

Students worked in groups showing teamwork in order to graph their socks. Each student came up with their own title and labels in order to have their classmates graph their socks.

Some highlights of our learning …

You make a line (Ahaz)

Graphs need a question, a title and labels (Mackenzie)

Graphs need a baseline (Nikola)

You count how much there are (Ardit)

There are all kinds of different graphs (Corissa)

Concrete graphs are when we use real things to make our graph (Lanna)

Pictographs are when we use pictures (Noah)

The students each decided on their own labels for their graph…

Jayden did stinky and not stinky.

Ashtyn did black and green.

Lanna did clean socks and not clean socks.

Noah did stinky socks and not stinky socks.

Lyla did small and pattern.

Nikola did socks with tips and socks that are little.

Matthew did big sock and little sock.

Lauren did fancy socks and non fancy socks.

Allie did pattern socks and rainbow socks.

Corissa did plain socks and not plain socks.

Isaac did patterns and no patterns.

Ardit did pattern and plain.

Ahaz did pattern and plain.

Mackenzie did stinky socks and not stinky socks.

Siena did stripes or patterns.

Alex did patterns and not patterns.

Blake did patterns and plain.






Shared Reading Poem-Responsibility

In shared reading this week we have been reading the poem “Responsibility”. Your child can read this poem with you at home. Your child may be excited to show you the words of the week that he/she can find in this poem. This poem links nicely to what we have been talking about in social studies. In social studies we have been talking about rules, responsibilities and being a good school family member. Students are given opportunities regularly to apply their understanding of what we have learned to their daily activities e.g. guided exploration.


There is no task too small or large,
when someone tells you, you’re in charge.

So do your best no matter what,
forget the if’s, and’s or but’s.

When you fail, take the blame.
When you succeed, enjoy the fame.

Responsibility means that you have trust.
So do your best, it’s an absolute must!

Math Learning in Calendar

In calendar our students are learning a variety of concepts. Students count daily on the calendar which helps them recognize numerals. At home you can show your child numerals in their environment e.g. the numeral 13 and ask him/her “what number is this?” Since this is a concept we explore during calendar our focus has been on numerals 1-31. We explore that numbers can be odd and even. We have discussed how the days of the week are a pattern because they happen over again. We count how many days we have been in school in a variety of ways e.g. counting by 5’s using a tally chart and counting by 10’s with a place value chart. Today was our 54th day of school. You can ask your child to count by 10’s to 54 for you e.g. 10 20 30 40 50 51 52 53 54, and then ask your child to count by 5’s to 54 for you 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 51 52 53 54. This is something we are doing daily. 🙂 During calendar we talk about how to make a tally chart (which we use to record the number of days we have been in school). We also colour in a bar graph based on our observations of weather. Please feel free to ask your child about his/her math learning during calendar.


Today we talked about how graphs need labels and when we graph we start at the baseline. 

When we make a graph using real things it is called a concrete graph. 


Good luck Liam

Our friend Liam is moving to a new school. We will miss you Liam. Today we shared some things about Liam ….
Ahaz says he likes how Liam was a good school family member.

Ashtyn says I hope you like your new school.

Mackenzie says I hope you make new friends.

Lauren says Liam is a really good friend.

Siena says he is a nice friend to be around.

Ardit says you’re the best, Liam.

Blake says you are my best friend.

Abhaytaj says he likes to play with Liam.

Issac says you’re a good listener.

Nikola says I hope you have lots of fun.

Lanna says you’ve been kind at the school.

Corissa says maybe some of us will see you in high school.

Jayden says he’s a good friend.

Noah says he’s the best Liam in the school.

Matthew says Liam is nice.

Alex says I hope you have fun in your new school.

Allie says Liam is kind.

Lyla likes what Liam does in class.