Snacks-Winter Celebration

Snack Turns-Peanut Free Snacks Please

The following is a list the students and I created to divide up who can bring in a snack for the class if they would like. Please bring in snacks that are gelatin free and peanut free. Thanks!









Winter Break-December 18






Valentine’s Day








Winter Celebration

Today the students were given an activity to bring home called “My Family’s Winter Celebration”. Please have your child complete this and return it by Wednesday December 16th so your child can share his/her celebration with our class.

Who Teaches My Child?

The following is a list of the teachers your child has for various subjects. These teachers teach your child the subject listed below as well as complete the report card for your child for the subject.

Mrs. Lindsay-Gym

Mrs. Pare-Music

Mrs. Miller-Library

Mrs. Jackson-Drama and Art

Mrs. Kingdon & Mrs. Jelicic-Reading Support

Please Bring in Flyers

In health the students are learning about making healthy choices including healthy choices when eating, as the students are learning about the food groups. We will be completing an activity where students go through flyers and choose foods to create a healthy meal. In order to help us with this project please have your child bring in a couple of grocery flyers by Thursday December 17th. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Math Talk Monday 


What math do you see in this picture?

Isaac “there is sorting in the picture”

Mackenzie “they are sorting the foods in the food groups”

Jayden “they are sorting beans with the beans and fruits with the fruits”

Lauren “they sorted stuff into food groups.”

Noah “they sorted different food groups”

Siena ” there are nuts at the top and at the bottom fruits and vegetables are kind of the same”

Blake ” dairy products are on the top and fruits and vegetables are on  the bottom”

Nikola “four food groups”

Alex “they are sorting beans, kinds of seeds, fruits and vegetables”

Lyla “I see a pattern white green white”

Ashtyn “sorting the nuts and the grain on the top and fruits and vegetables on the bottom”

Abhaytaj ” a pattern….black orange black orange”

Matthew “they are healthy foods”

Lanna ” a little pattern a bright food group and not a bright food group”

Corissa ” fruits and vegetables are at the bottom and nuts at top”

Ardit ” I know they are sorted in the right place”

Allie ” orange orange yellow yellow”
We talked about how the items need to repeat if it is a pattern.

Spelling :)

Spelling and spelling tests come up in conversations over and over again. The spellers I used when I was in school are a thing of the past in most classrooms. Most spelling has been replaced by Word Work or Word Wall Words. The article linked below does a good job explaining how and why things have changed over time.

Why Is My Kid Allowed To Make Spelling Mistakes?