Math Talk Monday

  There are seven worms that are happy and there are two worms that aren’t happy. Blake

Four of the worms are not the same, they have different faces. There are 3 bowls and if you add another three it would be six. Noah

I saw garbage. There are 6 with black eyes and 3 with yellow eyes. Jayden

There are 9 worms in the composter. I saw a pattern, bowl worm, bowl worm.  Nikola

There are 9 worms and 3 bowls. Matthew

I see garbage. Ahaz

I saw that most worms are happy and some are not happy. Allie

There are 9 worms and 5+4=9. Lyla

There are all different shapes and sizes. Mackenzie

There is 1 carrot. Lauren

There is 1 banana peel, there’s 1 apple, 1 paper. Ardit

There is 1 book. Abhaytaj

There is some big and some small. I saw a pattern, stuff that has been eaten and stuff not eaten. Siena

On the paper I could see a pattern, it was white and then a black line. Lanna

There is 1 piece of bread. Ashtyn

There are 9 worms, 7 happy worms and 2 sad worms and 7 is higher than 2. Alex


Today we started our MindUp Program. We started with a discussion…

How does your brain help you?

It helps you talk and controls your body. Corissa

Your brain helps you get smarter and think. Mackenzie

It helps you think. Siena

It helps you write. Allie

It makes you smarter. Noah

It helps you with word wall words. Ardit

It helps you read. Abhaytaj

It helps you remember. Isaac

It helps you learn, listen and get smarter. Lauren

It helps you see stuff. Matthew

It helps you get smarter every day and get more sleep. Blake

It helps you think. Nikola

It helps you to learn about stuff and write. Ashtyn

It helps you read every single day. Lyla

It helps you get better at reading so you can read more books. Alex

Your brain helps you to remember stuff. Lanna


What do you wonder about your brain?

What’s inside it? Nikola

What does it look like? Noah

Does your brain sleep? Ardit

How does your brain work? How do you talk? Lauren

How does your brain make you think? Lanna

When does your brain wake up? Isaac

When does your brain go to sleep, is it the same time when you go to sleep? Mackenzie

What does your brain look like? Blake & Siena

What does your brain like to do to read books? Alex

What size is your brain? Matthew

What does your brain look like when you want to measure it? Lyla

How does your brain go to sleep? Allie

How does your brain wake up? Abhaytaj

Does your brain eat? Noah

How does your brain get smarter and smarter? Ardit




100th Day of School-Thursday February 11th

Dear families,

On Thursday, February 11th, we will be celebrating the 100th Day of School. If you happen to have any 100 piece puzzles at home or any games of Snakes and Ladders, please send them in with your child in order to help us celebrate. Thank you so much!

Math Talk Monday-Valentine’s Picture

Valentine Picture

What math do you see??????

Jayden “There’s 2 of the red ones and 3 of the ones with the hearts on them.”

Noah “There is lots of bees and a little bit of the red and white candies.”

Lanna “I noticed they are in rows and there are 5 rows for each.”

Ashtyn “I notice the pattern, bee heart, bee heart.”

Alexander “I see that you can sort all the bees in a group and the rest in a group.”

Mackenzie “I noticed that with the bees there was a pattern, it was yellow black, yellow black.”

Ardit “I see 4 dots, 3 dots, on the bees.”

Isaac “The heart ones look like the number zero.”

Corissa “the pattern bee heart, bee heart and that there is 8 bees.”

Allie “I noticed that they sorted it.”

Lauren “I noticed that there is a big number altogether with them.”

Blake “I see the candy is smaller than the hershey kisses.”

Matthew “I noticed that some bees are up and some are sideways.”

Lyla “There are 8 bees and 4+4=8.”



Worm Update

Thanks Noah for bringing in wood chips!

We have changed our mind and would like some more hand shovels please that way more of us can be at the worm bin at once. We are looking for 2 more shovels please and some more shredded paper. Thanks!