Think It Through Thursday

The Weather Network says that it is going to rain all day today! How much rain might fall?


Millions and millions and trillions because they are very little. Siena

Four giant raindrops that are bigger than the earth. Alex

I think there is going to be hundreds of rain because it usually rains a lot in Canada. I like rain because it helps plant, trees and grass grow. Mackenzie

There was one raindrop, a thousand rain drops. Ahaz

We guessed it was nine trillion raindrops. Ardit & Abhaytaj

A trillion because it is a big number. We didn’t use a billion straws because there was only 80 straws. Isaac & Jayden

I think there are 9 million raindrops and I drew 412 raindrops. Corissa

I think there are 96 raindrops. Allie

We think there are 168 raindrops. Blake & Noah

I think there’s a million raindrops because it is a lot of raindrops. Matthew

I think there’s infinity raindrops because nobody knows. ┬áNikola

I think there is one hundred raindrops. Lyla

I think there is going to a million raindrops because Canada is very big. Lanna



Temporary Blog Out of Order

The students and I wanted to let our parents know that we won’t have our blog for approximately a week because our classroom IPAD is getting a new program installed so when it is returned to us the blog will return. ­čÖé

Math Talk Monday

Trip Picture

What is your math thinking about this picture?

I see a pattern on the hat. Allie

There’s a pattern on the fence, black white. Nikola

The apartment building is bigger than the house. Noah

I see a pattern, white green, on the grass. Abhaytaj

I see a pattern, pole road. Mackenzie

I see a pattern, tree sky. Corissa

I see numbers, a hat with one pom pom. Ardit

There is more houses than apartment buildings. Alex

I see one of these poles that give electricity to houses. Jayden

I saw a pattern, on the garbage truck white green. Lyla

I saw the bins on the garbage truck. Matthew

I see the pattern of brick window. Lanna

I see a pattern on the truck, hole, no hole. Siena

I see a pattern on Abhaytaj’s hat. Isaac

The paper bin is smaller than the garbage bin. Blake

I see garbage truck, no. Ahaz