Graphing our Socks

Students worked in groups showing teamwork in order to graph their socks. Each student came up with their own title and labels in order to have their classmates graph their socks.

Some highlights of our learning …

You make a line (Ahaz)

Graphs need a question, a title and labels (Mackenzie)

Graphs need a baseline (Nikola)

You count how much there are (Ardit)

There are all kinds of different graphs (Corissa)

Concrete graphs are when we use real things to make our graph (Lanna)

Pictographs are when we use pictures (Noah)

The students each decided on their own labels for their graph…

Jayden did stinky and not stinky.

Ashtyn did black and green.

Lanna did clean socks and not clean socks.

Noah did stinky socks and not stinky socks.

Lyla did small and pattern.

Nikola did socks with tips and socks that are little.

Matthew did big sock and little sock.

Lauren did fancy socks and non fancy socks.

Allie did pattern socks and rainbow socks.

Corissa did plain socks and not plain socks.

Isaac did patterns and no patterns.

Ardit did pattern and plain.

Ahaz did pattern and plain.

Mackenzie did stinky socks and not stinky socks.

Siena did stripes or patterns.

Alex did patterns and not patterns.

Blake did patterns and plain.