Shared Reading Poem-Responsibility

In shared reading this week we have been reading the poem “Responsibility”. Your child can read this poem with you at home. Your child may be excited to show you the words of the week that he/she can find in this poem. This poem links nicely to what we have been talking about in social studies. In social studies we have been talking about rules, responsibilities and being a good school family member. Students are given opportunities regularly to apply their understanding of what we have learned to their daily activities e.g. guided exploration.


There is no task too small or large,
when someone tells you, you’re in charge.

So do your best no matter what,
forget the if’s, and’s or but’s.

When you fail, take the blame.
When you succeed, enjoy the fame.

Responsibility means that you have trust.
So do your best, it’s an absolute must!

Fall Reading

The following was our shared reading poem for the week. Your child is ready to read it to you. :). We practised this poem daily.

How I Know it’s Fall

I see, taste, and touch. I smell and hear.
I use my five senses. I know fall is here!

I see yellow school buses on the streets of the town
And red-orange leaves as they fall to the ground.

I hear the crunch, crunch of leaves under my feet.
Children are laughing as they yell “Trick or Treat!”

M-m-m-m! Pumpkin pies are baking away.
I smell turkey and yams on Thanksgiving Day.

I feel a shiver. There’s a chill in the air.
A cold breeze brushes my cheek and my hair.

I munch juicy, sweet apples picked right from the tree.
I eat honey on toast with a warm cup of tea.

I see, taste, and touch. I smell and hear.
I use my five senses. I know fall is here!


Shared Reading

Fluency is a very important reading skill. It is defined by Mariam Trehearne as expressive reading with understanding. Fluency is also affected by whether the student reads with phrasing, at an appropriate rate (not necessarily quickly), and with intonation.

Rereading encourages fluency development. In the classroom the children each have a Shared Reading duo tang where copies of all of the poems and charts we have read during shared reading are kept. During independent reading times children are encouraged to reread previously learned poems to encourage fluency. I will be posting anything that is in the Shared Reading duo tang on the website under the “tag” Shared Reading on the blog. I encourage you to visit this area often by clicking on the word Shared Reading under Tag-A-Look on the right hand side of the blog. This “tag” will bring you to all of our shared reading materials. Click below for some of the shared reading materials we are using in September.

Popcorn Song

Number Words

Calendar Words

Shared Reading

Today we did our first shared reading poem. The children figured out that our shared reading poem was The Wheels On The Bus by using strategies such as:
1. Looking for Popcorn Words.
2. Sounding out the letters.
3. Looking at the pictures.

I was amazed at how every child participated in the shared reading following along with my pointer.

Here is a copy of our poem: The Wheels on The Bus

Here is a copy of the Popcorn Song for review and for our new families to Winona. The song is sung starting with like and you go down the columns. The song is sung to Mary Had A Little Lamb. Popcorn Song

Here is a videolink to Alphardy which will help your child review his or her letter sounds!